Charles River Wheelers

As many of you know the CRW Board of Directors recently polled the membership regarding changing the name of our club to make it more welcoming, gender neutral and inclusive of all our members. After some technical difficulties and 2 rounds of voting, the final results are in:

  • Votes in favor of changing the club name, 438
  • Votes against changing the club name, 105

Our constitution requires 2/3, or a little less than 67%, of the members that voted to favor passing an amendment. With 80% of the membership that voted approving the change of our name to “Charles River Wheelers”, the constitutional amendment has passed.

During the voting, several members took issue with the process and requested an opportunity to discuss the results of the vote in an open member forum.  In the interest of making sure all members have an opportunity to express their opinion of our voting process and the results, the CRW Board of Directors has decided to host an open meeting for the membership.
Event: CRW Open Meeting to discuss the results and the process of our name change vote

Date: March 22, 2017
Time: 6:30pm-8:15pm
Location:    Waltham Public Library
                  735 Main St.
                  Waltham, Ma. 02451
Parking: There is a metered parking lot behind the library and metered on-street parking.


  1. Why the Board wanted to change the name of the club.
  2. Current status of name change in light of the requirements of the CRW constitution.
  3. Open discussion outlining current options for changing the name of our club.
If you are unable to attend the meeting in person we invite you to send your thoughts directly to the board member at, CRWBOARD@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM
Gardner (Sandy) Gray