Volunteering for CRW

                    So you want to volunteer but are afraid to bite off more than you can chew? You can read about your potential job under "Job Descriptions" below and find out that it's not so scary after all.  Then, when you figure out what you'd like to do, you can contact the appropriate person, listed under "Who can I talk to."

Job Descriptions


Board of Directors

  • Set club policies.
  • Attend bimonthly board meetings and vote on issues presented at meetings.
  • Optionally take on additional duties, such as chairing special committees.


  • Coordinates overall club activities.
  • Spokesperson for the Club.
  • Handles public relations.

Executive Vice-President

  • Aids the president.
  • Fills in when the president is unavailable.

Vice-President of Finance

  • Directs the annual budgeting process.
  • Prepares and files the club tax returns.
  • Prepares and files the club annual corporate renewal.
  • Chairs the Budget and Finance Committee.

Vice-President of Legal Affairs

  • Prepares legal documents.
  • Advises on insurance matters and other business issues.


  • Handles all financial transactions for the club.
  • Pays for costs associated with club events (centuries, etc.).


  • Takes minutes at the monthly board meeting and prepares them for publication inWheelPeople.
  • Optionally, may perform other administrative or board-related tasks on an ad hoc basis (working on member survey, writing reports, revising CRW bylaws).

Insurance Coordinator

  • Handles all contact between the club and our insurer.
  • Sees that the annual insurance premium is paid.
  • Determines the amount due and pays the insurance company for special events (centuries, weekend trips).

Membership Coordinator

  • Processes new and renewal membership applications received by postal mail
  • Periodically deposits membership checks.
  • Produces a biweekly report of membership transactions for that period.

Information Coordinator

  • Serves as the primary contact for people that want information about the club: what we are, how to join, etc.

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Orders club merchandise.
  • Sells the articles at club events and by mail.

Mileage Coordinator

  • Coordinates online mileage recording and transmits this information monthly to theWheelPeople Copy Editor.

Government Relations Coordinator

  • Keeps abreast of legislation affecting bicycling; alerts the club to public meetings with bicycle-specific agenda items.
  • Provides a report to the Board on bicycle-related legislation as needed.
  • Submits advocacy articles to WheelPeople.

Publicity Coordinator

  • Sends information on our major events (centuries, weekend trips) to bicycling-related publications and web sites.

Social Committee

  • Organizes social activities outside of the rides program, typically:
    • Slide shows, dinners, workshops, etc., during the winter season.
    • Holiday party
    • After-ride events during the main ride season.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits and coordinates CRW volunteers.
  • Finds new volunteers for club activities.
  • With Social Committee, organizes nonride events.

Rides Program

Vice-President of Rides

  • Responsible for maintaining the overall rides calendar and distributing updates.
  • Acts as Chair of Rides Committee.
  • Solicits ride leaders for the weekly rides and coordinators for the recurring rides and winter rides.
  • Ensures that all ride leaders receive/have access to Ride Leader guidelines, mail if necessary.
  • Schedules the Ride Leader party.
  • Attends the Board Meetings and reports Rides Program status.
  • Works with Rides Committee to determine what "gifts" ride leaders receive.
  • Address other ride leader issues as they occur (poor ride leader, dangerous rides, etc.)
  • Finds mentors for members interested in becoming leaders.
  • Answer queries regarding rides and the club.

Ride Leader

  • Provides a ride description by submitting online or to the Vice-President of Rides the first of the month that precedes the month of their ride. For example, July ride leaders must send their description by June 1. If the ride is the first few days of the month, they should send it two months ahead. A ride description for July 1 is due May 1.
  • Sunday ride leaders during the regular ride season must arrow their rides. They should prepare and distribute a cue sheet or map.
  • Saturday ride leaders may arrow their rides. For arrowed rides, leaders should prepare and distribute a map or cue sheet. For non-arrowed rides, they should prepare and distribute a cue sheet. A map is optional.
  • Is familiar with and follows the CRW Ride Leader Guidelines.

Recurring Ride Coordinators

  • Leads one of the recurring CRW rides during the regular ride season, i.e, rides that take place weekly on the same day.
  • Provides a ride description by submitting online or to the Vice-President of Rides by the first of the month that precedes the first month of the ride. For example, if the ride starts in April, the coordinator must send a description by March 1.
  • Arrows the ride and keeps arrows fresh in response to road construction and weather.
  • Prepares and distributes a map or cue sheet.
  • Is familiar with and follows the CRW Ride Leader Guidelines.

Century Committee Chair

  • Responsible for Spring and Fall century rides and Climb to the Clouds.
  • Delegates specific areas of responsibility to Century Committee members.
  • Schedules Century Committee meetings, typically 3-4 times a year.

Century Committee Member

  • Plans and executes the Spring and Fall centuries and Climb to the Clouds.

WheelPeople Staff

Copy Editor

  • Proofreads and edits material submitted for the club newsletter.
  • Scans printed material.
  • Transmits the copy to the Production Editor.

Production Editor

  • Lays out copy submitted by the Copy Editor.
  • Delivers the electronic copy of the newsletter for the web site.

Internet Staff

E-Mail List Administrator

  • Maintains the club e-mail list. Tasks consist of handling bounced messages, posting for off-list senders, and updating the information files.
  • Moderates content of posted messages
    May also:
  • Post items of interest to club members.


  • Has overall responsibility for the Web site.
  • Ensures that information posted on the Web site is current and correct, with emphasis on current rides and trips listings.
  • Optionally, may choose to expand or enhance the Web site.

Web Site Staff

  • Assists the webmaster in specific areas of web site maintenance: picture gallery, tours database, cue sheet database, etc.

Who Can I talk to?


Lead, co-lead, arrow, host an after ride party
ContactVP of Rides


Volunteer for the Spring or Fall Century or Climb to the Clouds: registration, water stops, food, cleanup, sag, etc
ContactCentury Committee


Help organize various CRW social events, slide shows, dinners, banquet, holiday party, etc
ContactSocial Coordinator


Volunteer to help with membership, web site, WheelPeople, etc
ContactVolunteer Coordinator